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“Standing Up Against Unworkable Regulations”

Educating, Supporting and Talking Common Sense with our rural communities throughout New Zealand.

The Mother of all Protests - 21 November

Let’s Stand Together Against Unworkable Regulations and Unjustified Costs!

Who we are:

Groundswell NZ is a volunteer group of farmers and rural professionals advocating for our Grass Roots farmers and rural communities

It all started with a tractor protest about the National Policy on Freshwater … but with overwhelming national support have grown to encompass:

  1. seeking a halt to, and rewrite of, unworkable regulations – freshwater, indigenous biodiversity, climate change and Crown Pastoral Land Reform bill (new regulation affecting high country farmers).
  2. a stronger advocacy voice on behalf of farmers and rural communities.
  3. seeking solutions to environmental issues that are tailored to regional/district differences.
  4. supporting the hundreds of grassroots initiatives like Catchment and Landcare groups, QEII covenants, and biodiversity and conservation trusts.


Logan from Groundswell chats with farmer and supporter Barry about greenhouse gases, GWP (global warming potential) and why we think the Climate Change policy is unworkable for farmers and growers.

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Groundswell is run by volunteers, your support means we can continue to advocate for our rural communities.  We need resources for marketing and advertising – which is an important part of communicating with you.

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Contact us

To contact the Regional co-ordinator in your area, please email  –  groundswell.regions@gmail.com 

Lead Co-ordinators:
Bryce McKenzie: 027 226 9577
Laurie Paterson: 027 436 5747